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Bluetooth Headset Application Technology
Time:2009/8/11            hits:757

Bluetooth Headset is putting the bluetooth technology apply in the headphones on free, Let users can avoid annoying wire stumble and Have easy conversation in a variety of ways freely . Since the advent of bluetooth headset, it is always a good tool for action business family to promote the efficiency.

The Bluetooth let the headset wireless possible, Big and Professional bluetooth headset Manufacturer Gblue Technology rolled out multifarious designs on the features of the " Bluetooth Headset", the consumers just need to spend about 50-750RMB to let yourself to become " the future warrior".
We have two series of bluetooth headset:
1. Mono Bluetooth Headset
Most of mono bluetooth headset is Wireless small style, can wear in the ear directly, and the main function is answer & hang up the phone, also can control of the volume. Meanwhile, it have some other mono bluetooth headset have the double to function, dual microphone,Noise-cancelling Technology( Can make more high-quality call environment).
2. Stereo Bluetooth Headset
Stereo bluetooth headset is base on your phone support the A2DP bluetooth files, only your phone support the A2DP files can be connected with the stereo bluetooth headset to enjoy the music. Stereo bluetooth headset can make the neckband, In-ear, Clip-on, Headband, eyewear styles and so on, and for the neckband and clip-on style headset will match with wired earbud. The key function of the stereo bluetooth headset: In addition to answer & hang up the phone , but also can listen music directly. Meanwhile, some of the stereo bluetooth headset With liquid crystal display (LCD), not only to view the coming call conveniently, also with the function to display the song name & lyrics.