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Bluetooth Wireless Life
Time:2010/8/10            hits:829

Life of being wireless

Lift efficiency and health to a higher level
What the exactly benefits does bluetooth headsets offer? With a headset on, you can write email and make calls at the same time, or talk on phones while driving, or clean your sweet home while chatting with your friends. Let your hands empty and do the right thing
There is one benefit of using bluetooth headset that we can not ignore: healthy.  
First, people who have frequent calls must have experienced ached hand and painful neck after holding the cellphone for long time calls. These problems can be easily avoided by using a bluetooth headset.
Second, the radiation of a bluetooth headset is much lower than mobile phone. Bluetooth headset keeps your mobile phone away in pocket or handbag and ensures you receive calls without use of hands, which dramatically reduce the radiation impact of mobile phone on brain and body.
Bluetooth technology replaced infrared technology by its advantages of lower cost, lower power consumption, short range, higher frequency ans widely used in PC and communications products;