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How to Choose Good Quality Bluetooth Speaker?
Time:2012/8/9            hits:865


       Although bluetooth speaker is 100% compatiable to devises which goes with bluetooth function,but please check whether your device supports bluetooth function or not.
Transmitting range
       transmitting range is also a key factor for a good bluetooth is nothing to do with bluetooth version,depends on technical advanced degree.for powerclass2,standard transmitting range is 10m,but upgraded PowerClass1 can be as far as 100m,in addtion,it goes with Hi-Fi stereo sound quality.Generally speaking,it is not far distance between mobile phone and bluetooth speaker,usually within 10m,most HF bluetooth speakers can meet 10m standard.
       The consumers purchasing bluetooth speaker often see bluetooth version 1.1,1.2,2.0,3.0,4.0, these digital shows different versions in bluetooth, and also shows the anti-interference ability of bluetooth speaker. The most common current 2.0 and 3.0 is the new mainstream, 4.0 just launched shortly. Bluetooth Version relates to the quality of the received signal.The new version is more stressed overcome the noise interference. The high version could be compatibility of the low end version. The consumers should meansure the price and demand. 
Built-in Battery
       Bluetooth speaker are all built-in battery, to be the truly wireless device. The goodness and badness directly determine the sowing of bluetooth speaker and service life. Purchasing carefully before asking the number of actual playing time and repeated charging attenuation. 
       Beside functional considerations, the key must be paied attention to the appearance and functionality of bluetooth speakers to consuerms. Every different users need to try it before testing the sound quality and function, then to buy.